Richter, Max Voices : Виниловые пластинки (2LP) : Арт.19-188-2400

Richter, Max Voices : Виниловые пластинки (2LP) : Арт.19-188-2400

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Новый студийный альбом английского минималиста. Written for an orchestra with radically reimagined instrumentation: eight violins, six violas, 24 cellos and twelve double basses, it's a sound at once unsettling and familiar. The piece includes text from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights read by actor Sheila Atim, and features parts written for the Tenebrae choir and soprano Grace Davidson, as well as solo violinist Mari Samuelsen, conducted by Robert Ziegler. The first half of the concert will be a live performance of Richter's Infra, written for choreographer Wayne McGregor's ballet of the same name. Known for his experimental post-minimalist style, mixing electronic and classical sounds in his work, Richter continues his established relationship with the Barbican having most recently co-curated Sounds and Visions, a weekend of music and image, with artist Yulia Mahr in May 2018.

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