Strauss: Piano Trios 1 and 2 (CD) : Арт.3-697-385

Strauss: Piano Trios 1 and 2 (CD) : Арт.3-697-385

Код товара: 10436874
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These youthful chamber works by Richard Strauss, not widely represented on disc, are filled with sparkling inventiveness and lyricism. Written at the age of thirteen, his charming Piano Trio No. 1 follows the models of Mozart and Beethoven, and the Piano Trio No. 2 of a year later ventures beyond these sophisticated foundations. Described by The Strad as 'exemplary', the award-winning Amelia Piano Trio is one of the most sought after ensembles of its generation. The Trio's recording of works by John Harbison (8559243) was hailed for 'performances as fantastic as the compositions themselves'.

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  • Вид товара:Канцелярские товары
  • Рубрика:СD-музыка
  • Штрихкод:0747313089673
  • Код товара:10436874
  • Режиссер:Strauss
  • Производство:Warner Music
  • Жанр:Классическая музыка, Музыка
  • Тип носителя:Audio CD
  • Упаковка:CD Box
  • Штрихкод:0747313089673
  • Количество дисков:1
  • Торговая марка:Спика
  • Артикул:3-697-385
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